Aadit Adlakha

UC Berkley 2013

Aadit is an erudite and innovative student of DPS RK Puram, who secured
admission into UC Berkely, UCLA, Boston, NYU in 2013 and chose to go to UC Berkely.
Aaditis an original thinker, enjoys creative writing and a host of popular games as well.

Aadit Adlakha says: The move from an IB to a CBSE board school wasn’t easy. I often did badly in tests, and fell behind other students in my classes. Most of my teachers gave me tongue-lashings, while the others just seemed disappointed. However, there was one teacher who I could always rely on:Seema ma’am. Having taught in an IB board school (The Doon School), she could understand the difficulty the change of boards brought. She helped me through the tough transition by words of encouragement, advice on how to adapt to the change and mostly, through an approach of warmth and understanding.

Since that time, Seema ma’am has been more than just a teacher to me. She has been a mentor and a guide. It was under her supervision and guidance that I completed my foreign applications. Not only did she teach me the fundamentals of grammar and writing, but she also helped me immensely with developing rich ideas for my essays. Her hard work paid off: I was admitted into several colleges of my choice. If it weren’t for Seema ma’am, I doubt I would be able to boast of the same.

When I think of Seema ma’am, a plethora of memories comes to mind. Be it her enthusiasm in organizing our 10th grade assembly, her creativeness in conducting class plays for our lessons, or her knowledge in teaching us the English language, Seema ma’am has been a great teacher and mentor throughout. However, what makes Seema ma’am special to me is that she is as much a friend as she is a teacher. She has advice on any problem I might face, and always has my best interest at heart.

Seema Ma’am has helped me grow as an individual and as a student, and has taught me the English language better than anyone else ever has. William Arthur Ward once wrote ‘’The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” And Seema ma’am has certainly inspired me: she has inspired me to reach for the stars, she has inspired me to always find the best in people, and she has inspired me to believe in myself.

By Aadit Adlakha

(a student of Seema ma’am’s for four years)

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