Undergraduate university admissions

Wings to Soar follows a proven method to help undergraduates. We cover the following focus areas.

Initial briefing sessions about the application procedure

Includes sessions about what the application procedure entails, an insight into what the student is looking at, his/her certainty/uncertainty regarding subjects, exploration of possibilities about future courses of study; question-answer sessions between expert counsellors from Ivy Leagues, from Oxford, the UK and India.

Preparing checklists of universities

Counselling and aiding students to select colleges, in keeping with their interests and aptitudes. Our resource persons also act as facilitators in helping students explore possibilities and also provide insight into courses and universities.

State aided universities vs. private universities or a combination of both

Helping students and parents make prudent choices based on their income. Appraising students on suitability for scholarships and financial aid. Our counsellors and successful candidates open up new perspectives and help you to explore hitherto unexplored avenues, while making choices.

Creating time schedules for the application procedures

Our experienced counsellors and resource persons work closely with parents and students and create realistic blueprints and map out the following in an organised manner:

  1. When to start working on the application procedure, involving transcripts, LORS, the resume, etc. and most importantly…the college application essays
  2. Deciding on when to take the SAT 1 and the SAT Subject Tests, TOEFL and the AP tests
  3. Underlining prerequisites for a comprehensive resume and how to go about it
  4. Nature of extracurricular activities, their import…time spent on these activities
  5. Community Service, whereby one can reach out and make a difference to society… time spent, productive input and final outcome


Preparation of an impressive resume

Our skilled Counsellors aid you in preparing your resume with flair and panache. We believe a skilfully crafted resume is a sine quo non for success.

We also hold regular counselling and question-answer sessions with our former students who are either brilliant professionals or academicians at some of the best institutions in the world.

Extra-curricular activities

We provide guidance and advice towards choosing extracurricular activities. Most students tend to go overboard in focusing on Co-curricular and extracurricular activities. Our counsellors help students in striking a balance between academics and activities. A few co-curricular activities, which have been undertaken consistently over a few years are decidedly better than too many, which become a mouthful.

Community Service

We at Wings to Soar believe that the true spirit of education lies in giving of oneself, in the larger interests of humanity. We provide various avenues for Community Service and Counselling and Guidance, in keeping with the interests of our students. Our able Resource persons are themselves involved in several welfare programmes and these projects, provide effective outlets for youngsters who wish to have an enriching experience. We also work out a time schedule for Social Service. As Mother Teresa said “If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.”

Briefing sessions on material to be sent to universities
  1. Transcripts
  2. Course Content
  3. resume
  4. Advice on ‘how to go about LORS’
  5. Predicted grades
  6. Teacher recommendation forms
  7. Supplementary material
  8. Miscellaneous