Welcome to the student corner, Your Blog. We have created this space for you to ask questions and receive meaningful answers from those who have successfully walked this road before you. Our past students along with our counsellors, form the Wings to Soar family. All families have a culture, and ours is to help, to share, to cooperate. This is our core strength and we hope it will become your strength too.
Over the past few years, I have been fortunate enough to work with a number of students. Together, we have achieved over 75 offers from ivy-league and other top universities across the US, Canada, UK, Europe and the Far-East. These students, the Wings to Soar alumni, can give you first-hand accounts of their journey, and also post joining experiences. This is extremely valuable information and will answer your questions and allay any fears or doubts you may have.
To set you off, we have started some discussion topics you might find interesting. Do browse below, so select one and join in the discussion with your views and questions. If there isn’t a suitable topic – write to us at studentcorner@wingstosoar.net and we will create one for you. Finally, don’t forget – you too are part of our family now and we are all invested in your success. Good luck!
Seema (seema@wingstosoar.net)

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