Saranjit Arora

Founder and CEO




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People describe Saranjit as a life coach, whereas he insists that life itself is the coach and he is just sharing snippets of his own coaching!
Being born in New Delhi, he started on his geographical journey. For almost three decades, he moved from one place to another, always staying less than five years anywhere. This explains the blank look, when he is asked “where are you from?”
A large part of his childhood was spent in north India including at a military boarding school in Dehradun (RIMC). After RIMC, he emigrated to the UK and went on to study Mathematics at the University of Nottingham. Moving to London, he started a career in information technology, and six years later he realised the five-year spell was finally broken! After working with Esso, PwC, RBS, he found about IT in India. That little voice residing in the head of every NRI, wouldn’t rest. So started another journey to come back home. He set up an IT business which continues to run today, with operations in London, Dubai, Kolkata and Ahmedabad. ​
He says, for him, the essential questions about life and purpose that poke us all from time to time, poked him early in life. Aged 13, he started another journey to answer these questions. Taking a scenic route of self discovery, pausing to read the works of great thinkers and philosophers, attending a multitude of personal development courses, walking on fire, learning NLP, following the beatles in meditation and diving into religion to discover the hidden depths of spirituality. With old questions answered, new ones emerged, and the journey continues. For a while, he says, he got lost in the beauty of the questions and answers themselves, forgetting why he even started the journey! He is now clear and sees the challenge as to digest and apply any answers found into the practical reality of living and influencing day-to-day life.
With Wings To Soar, Saranjit saw an incredible opportunity to formally channel his other love – that of helping youngsters align course, university, location and career choices with their often undiscovered inner desires, values and belief systems. Along with the rest of the WTS team, he now helps children find their essence, their why, their inner voice. Finding this is a deeply ​enriching experience for mentor and student. Armed with new found awareness, quietly energised children go onto create uniquely personal essays and can see with great clarity how studying abroad could fit into their own, unique life journey.
Saranjit splits his time between UK, India and sometimes the vineyards of Spain.