Wings to Soar works with young students as early as grade 9 to start building solid foundations for their eventual SAT examinations. The text below will help both parents and students understand SATs at a high level and explain Wings to Soar’s SAT services and approach to both sets of SATs.

Introduction to SATs

SATs come in two guises – SAT Reasoning Test (called SAT I) and SAT Subject Tests (also called SAT II). We offer both short-term and long-term coaching for English and Mathematics, with children starting SAT preparation in year 9, 10 and 11. At Wings to Soar we believe in a holistic, child-centric approach to education. Whilst we believe there is some value in practice papers and shortcuts, the real value lies in getting the child to understand fundamental concepts of these key subjects, and to have them so internalised, that they start to enjoy SAT practice tests.
This approach develops huge confidence in children, and this confidence is carried through to their wider school education and later university applications. This is a transformative approach and one that sets us apart from the “SAT systems based” coaching centres.

SAT teaching approach

Our SAT class sizes are usually less than 10, so children get a high degree of personal attention. Our classes include lectures, teaching, group discussions among students and teachers as well as counsellors and book discussions over Pizza and coffee.
We believe food and fantasy are closely linked…so our creative and critical thinking sessions, both in Mathematics and English, are fun filled and intriguing. Our counsellors and resource persons, usually alumni from renowned universities, interact with students sometimes in person or else through video conferencing.

Preparation for English SAT

Our adept teachers, specialists in English language verily groom students in the following areas:

  1. Essay writing
  2. Our teachers and counsellors endeavour to draw out the inherent potential in the student by believing in him, his dreams….his vision. We firmly believe that every student must craft his own special essay from within, pretty much in the way the spider fashions his web from his own powerful self. The Essay we insist, must be the student’s own. In essence our teachers aid a student to draw inspiration from his fine threads of wisdom, within himself which speak of his courage, kindness and bliss that lie innate in every man.
    At Wings to Soar, students are taught to write thought provoking essays, with special reference to theme, content, language, style and syntax. We believe, that teaching students to write with skill, flair and panache is our special of strength.
    We do not believe that there are any short cuts to writing well, which is why we refuse to squeeze time into water tight compartments and work by creating quality time as per the need of the student. Our teachers take pains to assess the areas of strength and weakness of every student. Thereafter, they help the student to sculpt the Essay, dear to the student’s heart by weaving original ideas into the aesthetics of language.

  3. Critical reading
  4. Our special teachers work through writing modules to help students to assess and comprehend passages better. Our resource persons, counsellors and teachers bring in the AP English, Honours English into our classrooms, so as to enable our students to develop a better perspective into what Comprehension Passages are all about. Here we introduce students to the works of eminent thinkers from diverse fields, and enable them to glean insight into the writer’s point of view and what she is in reality trying to prove, contradict or establish.
    Our classes, specially structured, include a comprehensive study of the principal forms of fiction, poetry and drama. We incorporate teaching modules which include symbols, irony, emotion, point of view, denotation and connotation, figurative language, the scale of value and other important devices, imperative to language and literature.

  5. Grammar drills
  6. Our experienced teachers, experienced in teaching in India, the US and UK, create a strong base in grammar that helps the students to score exceptionally well in the writing sections. We at Wings to Soar believe in incorporating new strategies into language while adhering to good old rules that have left their indelible imprints upon language over time.

SAT II – Subject Tests

Our specialised teachers also offer counselling, guidance and coaching for subject tests in:

  1. SAT Literature
  2. Mathematics 1
  3. Mathematics 2
  4. Physics
  5. World history
  6. American history