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Information, discussions, hints and tips, to write original, creative, and appropriate university admission essays, including the common application and university specific essays.

Alumni – please contribute.. Current students ask away.

What does the application procedure entail. Hints and tips on how to navigate this and make it a success. What counts? What is not worth fretting about?

Share your experiences.

Should one apply for foreign universities? Is this brain drain? Is it morally right? Or is it that students come back enriched with global ideas and real experiences? Is this a positive way to make the world a smaller place? Does it make financial sense? Tell us what you think.

Discussion on the pros and cons of selecting a state or private US university. Does this affect financial aid? What other factors should one consider?

What do you think?

How should one choose one’s subject? liberal arts or sciences? what does it mean when they say, I can change my subjects in the first year? Do subject titles matter?

General placeholder for discussions on studying abroad. Ask and comment.

Strong opinions are being expressed about SATs – how useful they are, their shortcomings and how they need to change and changes being mooted. Join in!

9 Things Changing on the New SAT

A New SAT Aims to Realign With Schoolwork

Yes, IQ Really Matters

College President: SAT Is Part Hoax, Part Fraud

Abolish the SAT

What do you think about ACTs? Are they a viable alternative to SATs? Are they easier or more difficult? Are they widely recognised? Let us know.

Discussion area for SAT Reasoning Test (called SAT I) and SAT Subject Tests (also called SAT II). This also covers ACTs – the alternative to SATs.

Discussion area for graduate university applications. MBAs, MSc, MA, PHDs, etc. Write about your experiences, questions, comments.. All welcome.