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Who we are and what makes us tick?

Wings to Soar is an elite education and counselling boutique. It works with the brightest young men and women to enter a world top tier university of their choice. We typically target the ivy league and other top notch American universities and have recently started looking at Oxbridge. We are student-centric and recognise that each student is unique. We work without parental influence and aim to draw out each student’s unique signature or voice. We help them validate what they want and why. We are not a finishing school, and we build character. Many students start in year 9 and others later. Students significantly improve their standard of English and overcome their fear of creative writing. SATs practice is followed up University applications where students write their own essays, some of which are truly exceptional. This personalised one-one coaching is carried out by our hand-picked consultants who are often experts in their field. Meet them below.

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